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Paving the way to the self
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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

I am focused on paving the way to self love with a burning persistent desire to win. This site is designed for the ones who are ready to move forward consistently and persevere on the fast track to their highest and best good.


Automatic Writing

Corporate Healing Consultant

Custom Healing Jewelry

Destination Retreats

Intuitive Crystal Healing

Intuitive Readings

Life Coach

Reiki and Distant Healing

Shamanic Drumming

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About Me

The Gift


Tel: 1.402.681.8800

I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

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About Me



I am an intuitive channel. In 1998 I realized my gift and began my personal journey. I began to ask how to be of service to myself, my immediate family and the entire earth family. I realized I possessed a strong star connection. I also felt the even stronger gravitational pull of the earth. Through much personal work, I now connect, combine and use these abilities to the best advantage for all. 

I am a clear channel whether I am writing or tuning in. I am able to send healing in person or long distance.

I can see the past and guide you toward the future with goal setting and manifestation skills. I am able to help with release work through shamanic techniques in natural settings.

I encourage my clients to eat a healthy organic diet, exercise, and drink clear pure water. I support my clients with natural stones that I select for them and/or my custom designed and executed crystal jewelry.

I enjoy speaking engagements. I work on individuals and I am capable of holding the energy and facilitating groups as well.

I am open to international work. I reside in the USA and I am English speaking. I will furnish my resume with credentials upon a sincere request in writing.

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